Honda CRV does not lock using key remote

Today, I had a problem locking my Honda CRV. When I tried to lock it using key remote, it did not blink side lights indicating it locked. Although locking works fine. All lights remain lit. When I lock it using the locks on windows, it locks but the internal lights remain lit. The solution is so simple.

Make sure all the doors are closed properly. If one of the door is open little bit, car will not lock using key remote.

Honda Civic 2006 Car Mileage

I have Honda Civic 2006. Its been a great car so far. It is stylish and very fuel economic. One time I had problem was the battery suddenly drained and failed to start a car. I visited Honda dealer and they fixed it without any out-of-pocket cost because battery comes with 5 years of warranty of replacement within car warranty. I am living in Houston and going to office in rush hours. In city, it is giving me mileage around 28-32 miles per gallon. Yesterday I went to Corpus Christi. For the whole time, I was on cruise control of 65 mph speed limit as I was driving in night time. It gave me a mileage of 44 miles per gallon. That’s awesome, isn’t it?