Things to know before you enroll into Emirates Skywards program

Today I came to know more about Emirates Skywards program for earning miles. Few months back, I had purchased Emirates ticket for my wife and I enrolled myself in Skywards. Due to my lazy nature, I did not bother to check its status. Today finally I “got time” and checked the status. It was showing me 0 miles in my account. I tried to claim miles online but Website showed that it cannot add miles. I called customer service and they explained me the rules.

  • You can claim miles only for your ticket and not for others even if you have paid it by your credit card.
  • If I enroll my wife today even then she cannot claim miles because for newly registered users, they can claim miles for travels within 2 months.
  • If you want to get your family member’s miles under your account then each of your family member should be registered under their family reward program. Using it, you can claim miles for your family member’s flights.

Please don’t be lazy like me and check your mile status as quickly as possible after your journey.