My trip to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico for new H1 Visa stamping

I came to USA as a student on F1 visa. I completed my study in Texas A&M University in May 2006 and I got job in houston. Now I am on H1. I can legally live in USA as far as I have I-797 with me but once I leave USA, I must have to have H1 visa stamp on my passport for re-entry. So I decided to go to Mexico for my H1 visa stamping as it is near to houston. I got my visa date by registering at website choose Nuevo Laredo for my visa stamping. It is very near to Laredo which is a part of USA.

Fee receipt showing visa application fees paid at Banamex Bank. This fee is approximately $105 USD. I got service from Mexico Assistance. They paid my fees and sent me a receipt with total cost of $185. They previously provided transportation service but recently they are not providing it. But they had recommended a taxi driver Roberto Elizondo. (who is NOT a trustworthy guy. read ahead for complete story).I had visa date of 11th Dec, 2006 and time was 9:30. I drove from houston to laredo and reached to my friend’s home in the evening. On the day of 11th Dec, I was ready by 7:45 AM and taxi driver came and picked me up. He took me to consulate in Neuvo Laredo. I asked him about restaurant where I can kill my time while waiting for my passport. He suggested me to go to Crowne Plaza hotel which is just a block away from consulate. He promised me that he will come to pick me up at 3:45 AM and he will be waiting in front of consulate.

I stood up in queue where one lady officer who knew english, helped me. (You will find very few people who knows english). As I went inside, I passed through security. One guy sitting on a nearby table gave me a token number. Now I again stood in a queue waiting for my token number to be called. I got my turn and a lady saw the application and took my photograph. Now I seated on chair with other people waiting for my token number to show up in screen. I got my turn and went to visa officer. He asked document like paystub and employement letter. He asked my about my job description and he told that I can collect my passport at 4:30 PM.
It was 9:15 AM when I was out of consulate. (It is too fast than I expected because one of my friend came out at 1:30 PM). I went to Crowne Plaza and spent my time. At 4:00 PM I came back to consulate. Around 5:00 PM I got my passport back. I checked all details on visa. Now I was looking for that taxi driver but he did not come. I waited for few minutes but he did not come. I took a cab with the help of a person who knew english. I came to Bridge 1. There I paid toll of 30 cents and crossed the bridge. I came to USA side of bridge and went in immigration office. That officer gave me permission to enter. I got another cab and reached at my friend’s home.

Basically I did not face any problem other than that taxi driver but still I would recommend you not to go to Nuevo Laredo. If you already got date in Mexico, it is not a problem but if you are planning to take one, please choose other center.

Note: This is not a legal advice. It just describes my experience and my views.

Honda Civic 2006 Error Message: Check Fuel Cap

Few days back, I filled up gas tank of my Honda Civic 2006 and might forgot to tighten the fuel cap. After I stopped my car and again started it, it showed me error “Check Fuel Cap”. I was worried and tightened the fuel cap with one click sound but this error message did not go away. I read the manual of the car for this error and it came out that this error will remain for 2-3 days and it will go off automatically. Of course now its gone!!!

WordPress plug-in for writing comment/post/page in 8 Indian Languages

Now we can get plug-in for writing in 8 Indian languages. You can download it by visiting the page Download WordPress plug-in for writing comment/post in 8 Indian Language. Important feature about this plug-in is that(it is FREE and) no software download is needed for end user. (of course the blog owner needs to download plug-in :)) Using normal Roman keyboard everyone can easily write in 8 Indian langauges. If anybody wants to write in english as well, they can write it by pressing F12.(This facility is useful when a person needs to write comments in Indian language with some Website links/email address etc ). If a person again presses F12, it will switch back to Indian language keyboard.

If you want to edit your page/post written in Indian language, this plug-in is extremely useful because without any IME you can direclty write in Indian languages. So there is no hassle of writing in Microsoft Word/other program and then copy/paste content.

It is a bless for blog owner who is posting in Indian language because he/she can write in their own language from any computer without needing any IME software. Moreover visitors can write in Indian language from any computer without needing any IME software.

Update from my side

After a long long break, I got time to write a diary. From past few months I was very busy with my work. I was busy with my final project for my MS(Computer Science). Once I graduated, I was busy with my job search. Just few days back I got job in houston, so I was busy with winding up from old job and busy with moving my stuffs. Once I came to houston, I again became busy with looking for a car. I bought a car and now I am much relieved. I have already started a new job from past 1 week and enjoying facing new challenges.

Beware of online predators while searching a job

I am currently looking for a job so I have posted my resume on some known sites like and It has option of make resume searchable by employer. That is the best thing but sometimes it is a hotbed for online scam companies and predators. I got an email with title “Vishal , regarding your online resume”. The content of it is as follows:

Dear Vishal ,

My assistant forwarded your online resume to me as a possible candidate for a position with our company. Based on your credentials, it appears you may be qualified for the Technical position we currently have available. xxxx xxxxxx is the largest online talent company in the United States. Our talent have worked with such companies as Tommy Hilfiger, Universal Studios, Pepsi, MTV, HBO, Reebok, and hundreds of others.

Our tech department involves working as a team to constantly maintain and upgrade our website. The majority of our programmers/webdevelopers work from home, maintaining contact by telephone, email, and instant messaging. Our starting compensation for the tech department includes the following:

* First year base salary of $40,000 – $75,000 based on experience and skill
* Bonus plan that can add 25% or more to base salary
* Medical, Dental, and Vision plan
* Expense Account
* Paid Vacation
* Tuition Reimbursement
* Rapid Fast Track advancement program

To be formally considered for the Tech position, please visit our website at:

then click on the “careers” tab and select “information technology.”

Once you have completed the online application, I will review it and contact you shortly to schedule an interview.

Best regards,
xxxxx xxxxx

Being in computer profession, I directly never click on any link which comes from unknown source. I copied just web address and opened their website. Google page rank for this website was not good. so I thought let me try google god and searched for company information. I found that it is a company run by people who had been previously involved in frauds.

Now a days predators are using technology to prey. I got this email from a well known website So beware of job scams.

Ready for presentation

Today I have final presentation of my project at 10:00 am and current time is 2:15 am. Powerpoint slides are already done and currently I am checking my project. It is working great. Now let’s see what happens tomorrow. If everything is fine, I will be graduating this semester and this will be my last exam as a student.

I Narrowly escaped

Today I came from the office at 2 o’clock. After eating little bit, I started my laptop and it stuck at one point. I turned it off and started it again but no luck. I tried to login as another user but no luck. I was completely stuck. I was in tension what happened to my laptop because my whole project was in laptop and I am about to graduate within few days. (Thank god, I am taking backup of my project everyday. I save the backup in laptop as well as my email account.). I started laptop in safe mode. (You can start the computer in safe mode by pressing F8 while it boots). It was working fine so I took deep breath. I am using my laptop at office. I think the problem occurred because I installed one program from my office login. I restored the system and now it is working fine.

PS: So the moral of the story is
1) Take backup regularly. Never be lazy.
2) Computer is like life(not wife). Both can betray you anytime.

Busy with my project

Currently I am very busy with my project. Project is all about creating a Web-based application for assignment creation, management and peer evaluation. I am developing this application in Microsoft .Net and SQL Server. The best thing about .Net is it is very flexible and time saving framework and that’s why my web address is vishal on .Net. Now the deadline is very near so day and night working on my project while listening to the songs of Rang De Basanti. Wish me luck to complete my project in time.