My trip to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico for new H1 Visa stamping

I came to USA as a student on F1 visa. I completed my study in Texas A&M University in May 2006 and I got job in houston. Now I am on H1. I can legally live in USA as far as I have I-797 with me but once I leave USA, I must have to have H1 visa stamp on my passport for re-entry. So I decided to go to Mexico for my H1 visa stamping as it is near to houston. I got my visa date by registering at website choose Nuevo Laredo for my visa stamping. It is very near to Laredo which is a part of USA.

Fee receipt showing visa application fees paid at Banamex Bank. This fee is approximately $105 USD. I got service from Mexico Assistance. They paid my fees and sent me a receipt with total cost of $185. They previously provided transportation service but recently they are not providing it. But they had recommended a taxi driver Roberto Elizondo. (who is NOT a trustworthy guy. read ahead for complete story).I had visa date of 11th Dec, 2006 and time was 9:30. I drove from houston to laredo and reached to my friend’s home in the evening. On the day of 11th Dec, I was ready by 7:45 AM and taxi driver came and picked me up. He took me to consulate in Neuvo Laredo. I asked him about restaurant where I can kill my time while waiting for my passport. He suggested me to go to Crowne Plaza hotel which is just a block away from consulate. He promised me that he will come to pick me up at 3:45 AM and he will be waiting in front of consulate.

I stood up in queue where one lady officer who knew english, helped me. (You will find very few people who knows english). As I went inside, I passed through security. One guy sitting on a nearby table gave me a token number. Now I again stood in a queue waiting for my token number to be called. I got my turn and a lady saw the application and took my photograph. Now I seated on chair with other people waiting for my token number to show up in screen. I got my turn and went to visa officer. He asked document like paystub and employement letter. He asked my about my job description and he told that I can collect my passport at 4:30 PM.
It was 9:15 AM when I was out of consulate. (It is too fast than I expected because one of my friend came out at 1:30 PM). I went to Crowne Plaza and spent my time. At 4:00 PM I came back to consulate. Around 5:00 PM I got my passport back. I checked all details on visa. Now I was looking for that taxi driver but he did not come. I waited for few minutes but he did not come. I took a cab with the help of a person who knew english. I came to Bridge 1. There I paid toll of 30 cents and crossed the bridge. I came to USA side of bridge and went in immigration office. That officer gave me permission to enter. I got another cab and reached at my friend’s home.

Basically I did not face any problem other than that taxi driver but still I would recommend you not to go to Nuevo Laredo. If you already got date in Mexico, it is not a problem but if you are planning to take one, please choose other center.

Note: This is not a legal advice. It just describes my experience and my views.