Electricity cost calculator for Texas

If you are living in Texas, then you can choose your own electricity provider. If your contract is about to expire, you have to choose your electricity provider which is a bit hassle as you have to calculate the actual electricity cost from the Fact Sheet provided by each company.

I use http://www.powertochoose.org website to look for the best deal. Even though, the website shows the best rates available at 500, 1000 and 2000 kwh usage, sometimes the electricity company creates the plan in such a way to be listed on the top of the search result which may actually cost more depending on your usage. To calculate the actual cost is a bit hassle based on the Fact Sheet provided by the electricity company so I have created a spreadsheet in which if you enter your monthly usage and the data from Fact Sheet, it will calculate the total cost. You need to download the copy of the spreadsheet from the Google Drive in order to enter the data. Please note that, the bill amount does not reflect any tax or fees

Electricity cost calculator spreadsheet for Texas

Thank you UnitedHealthCare for causing IRS form 1095 problem

Couple of weeks back, I got a mail from UnitedHealthCare that they need SSN for the member in order to generate IRS form 1095. There are three options to submit the SSN

  1. Online
  2. Fax
  3. Mail


I thought the quick way to submit it is online as it also serves as a immediate confirmation. I submitted and waited for 2-3 weeks and the online form was still not updating IRS form 1095 even though the another page shows the SSN. I called them and found out that the online submission does not work.


The fax line does not work.


Couple of days back, I sent mail to UnitedHealthCare and I called them today to find out if they got the mail. Representative told me that the address is wrong and I need to send it to correct address.

Well, now I have correct fax and mailing address. I will see what happens.

Thank you UnitedHealthCare for causing unnecessary issues and not correcting it even after knowing for more than a month.

Honda CRV does not lock using key remote

Today, I had a problem locking my Honda CRV. When I tried to lock it using key remote, it did not blink side lights indicating it locked. Although locking works fine. All lights remain lit. When I lock it using the locks on windows, it locks but the internal lights remain lit. The solution is so simple.

Make sure all the doors are closed properly. If one of the door is open little bit, car will not lock using key remote.

Trick to get Equifax credit report after being denied due to “Security” reason

I recently tried to pull my credit report from http://www.annualcreditreport.com for Equifax. I had given all the correct answers but still I was not shown a credit report due to “Security” reason. They mentioned that I should mail the request along with the proof that I am myself. What I noticed is that the questions are very wierd compared to what Transunion and Experian would ask. A quick google search regarding “cannot get equifax credit report” reveals the same problem other people are facing. I knew I answered all my questions correctly and still being denied a federally mandated report so I filled out a quick “Contact Us” form on http://www.annualcreditreport.com complaining about it and to my surprise I got my credit report in mail within 7 days.

Origination of Valentine’s Day

In spite of what you have been told by everyone, the truth is that Valentine’s Day originated hundreds of years ago, in India, and to top it all, in Gujarat !!

It is a well known fact that Gujarati men, specially the Patels, continually mistreat and disrespect their wives (Patelianis). One fine day, it happened to be the 14th day of February, one brave Pateliani, having had enough “torture” by her husband, finally chose to rebel by beating him up with a Velan (rolling pin).

Yes….the same Velan which she used daily, to make chapattis for him….only this time, instead of the dough, it was the husband who was flattened.

This was a momentous occasion for all Gujarati women and a revolt soon spread, like wild fire, with thousands of housewives beating up their husbands with the Velan.

There was an outburst of moaning “chapatti-ed” husbands all over Anand and Amdavad. The Patel men-folk quickly learnt their lesson and started to behave more respectfully with their Patelianis.

Thereafter, on 14th February, every year, the womenfolk of Gujarat would beat up their husbands, to commemorate that eventful day.The wives having the satisfaction of beating up their husbands with the Velan and the men having the supreme joy of submitting to the will of the women they loved. Soon The Gujju men realised that in order to avoid this ordeal they need to present gifts to their wives….they brought flowers and sweetmeats. Hence the tradition began.

As Gujarat fell under the influence of Western culture, that day was called ‘Velan time’ day.

The ritual soon spread to Britain and many other Western countries, specifically, the catch words ‘Velan time!’. Of course in their foreign tongues, it was first anglisised to ‘Velantime’ and then to ‘Valentine’.

And thereafter, 14th of February, came to be known as Valentine’s Day!