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How to Document Self-executing Anonymous Javascript Function using JSDoc?

I have a class defined in self-executing anonymous Javascript function for which I want to generate the documentation using JSDoc 3.4.2 but I had hard time finding the solution. Solutions searched on the internet did not yield the fruitful result and I had to try various combination of tags in order to get it working. […]

JSDoc Tokenizer plugin to replace the token with values from config

If you are a JavaScript developer, you would have used the JSDoc to document your JavaScript code. I was trying to use the JSDoc for generating the documentation for my PramukhIME Javascript library. I have the core library and based on the plugin, I wanted to generate the documentation to show how the plugin works […]

JSDoc – Customize output documentation files

I am using JSDoc 3.4.2 for my JavaScript library documentation. I wanted to make the change to the output files so here are the tricks I used to make following changes. In order to make the change, I have copied all the files from the default template available at “C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\jsdoc\templates\default” (JSDoc over Node.js location) to […]