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What is PramukhIME?

PramukhIME is a set of tools which enables user to type in 20 Indian languages. These tools are useful for individuals as well Web developers.You can quickly get an idea of what PramukhIME is by visiting Pramukh Type Pad which is an online version of PramukhIME.

How much it costs?

It is completely FREE.

Which PramukhIME is right for me?

  • Do you want to type in your language in MS Office(Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and all other application? Use PramukhIME for Windows. (Technical details: It has native IME support in Microsoft Windows operating system)
  • Do you want to access online version without downloading any software? Use Pramukh Type Pad for Indian languages. You can download it for offline use which contains only a Web page and does not contain any executable.
  • Are you Linux/Mac user? Use Pramukh Type Pad. (As of now, I don't have native IME support for Linux/Mac)
  • Do you want to type in your iPhone/iPad or any Android based smart phones? Visit Basic Pramukh Type Pad which is a basic text editor for Indian languages.
  • Do you have WordPress blog? Use PramukhIME Wordpress plugin. (It requires you to download and install the plugin which is possible if you have blog on your own domain. If you have blog on, it cannot work)
  • Do you love FireFox? Use PramukhIME Firefox Extension.
  • Are you a Web developer?